12 Days of…Running?

Due to illness, busyness and, to be honest, a fair amount of laziness my athletic efforts since my last post have been a bit piecemeal. Before I knew it it was December and Christmas parties were swallowing all my free time. So I decided to set myself a challenge – run every day over the two weeks I was off work over Christmas.

I never really thought I’d do every day of course but I figured if I could do at least half then that was a worthwhile effort and hopefully a good platform to build on when I started triathlon training properly in the New Year. Because I knew that once January rolled around it would all start to look very close and I still couldn’t run much over a mile…

I managed to exceed my expectations and ran 12 days out of 14 – thwarted only by the insanity of Christmas Day and some ridiculous ice. I’ve never been a runner so when I found myself actually enjoying it after a few days I was gobsmacked. I wasn’t running hugely far but I could see myself getting faster and going further which has never happened on any of the previous occasions I’ve tried to “get into” running.

I also really doubted I had the willpower to keep it up.  I nearly failed on the very first day because I was so busy running round doing Christmas things and ended up running in the semi-darkness, on a longer route than I’d intended to run and thinking “I’ll never be able to do this”. I ended up surprised by my willingness to run, regardless of weather or location. Over the holidays I spent a lot of time surrounded by other people so taking twenty minutes or thirty minutes out to run was really good for my soul but also I did start to enjoy it. Even more so once I discovered that stretching after a run meant that I wouldn’t spend the whole of the next day hobbling and wincing…

I’ve never thought of myself as a runner but I do feel like I’ve accidentally become one over the last few weeks. I gave given myself a free reign to rest this week because I started a new job on Tuesday and you know what? I lasted two days before going running again! Maybe I’ll make it though this triathlon yet…

#Runmas Statistics

  • Total distance ran: 23.75 miles (38.22 km)
  • Fastest pace: 9.15 minutes/mile
  • Average pace: 9.50 minutes/mile
  • Furthest run: 3.16 miles (5.08 km)