Training, Tapering, Panicking…

I think I’m probably worse at blogging than I am at marathon training which is saying something! I’m now 9 days away from standing on the start line of the 2017 London Marathon and I’m starting to really panic about whether I can do this.

Once I recovered from my back injury in February I did manage to get back to training pretty consistently. I managed to knock five minutes off my half marathon PB at the Village Bakery Wrexham Half Marathon in mid-February despite virtually two weeks off due to injury which was reassuring.

March’s training went well from the perspective of building up miles. I managed one 18 mile run, two twenty mile runs, and a twenty two mile epic around Rutland Water. I’ve been disappointed that I’ve never quite made it back to the consistent three runs a week rhythm that I had prior to getting injured though. A couple of bad colds, combined with increasing exhaustion from weekend long runs has meant that I’ve definitely done less training than I intended to. Apart from occasional yoga I’ve also really struggled to do much cross-training which has been a surprise – I thought my triathlon background would help with this but I seriously underestimated how much the long runs would take out of me.

I’m now in the final stage of my training – the taper! This, for any non-runners reading, is the two or three weeks before a major race where you start to cut back on your training in order to make sure you end up fresh and rested on race day. My first week of tapering did not go to plan at all – due to yet another cold and some family commitments I only did ten miles of the twenty five I had planned. There’s no time to make the distance up so all I can really do is panic about not being ready – which is possibly the worst situation to be in. I feel like I should be getting excited about running in one of the world’s most famous marathons but I just keep getting more and more scared. If anyone has any advice for a terrified first time marathon runner please let me know!

I’ve raised over £600 for the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital so far which is incredible. I’d really love to break the £1000 barrier if possible but at this stage every penny is like a motivational speech! If you can spare any money for a really great cause then please consider donating via my JustGiving page or by texting RJAH 77 £10 to 70070.





One thought on “Training, Tapering, Panicking…

  1. Great read Claire, Don’t worry you’ll be fine, you’ve done plenty of training.
    Just stay relaxed and injury free and trust that the Taper will finally let you recover and be in A1 shape on race day.


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